IV Hydration Therapy & Boost Injections

IV Hydration Therapy

Feeling fatigued? Over-indulged last weekend? Just wanting to hydrate? Come in for a Myers Cocktail IV, packed full of vitamins and nutrients. It will help you feel energized while strengthening your immune system at the same time!

Boost Injections

  • Energy Boost: B12 helps combat low energy/fatigue.
  • Mega Burn Boost: Combination of B vitamins and fat-burning amino acids that help increase energy and metabolism.
  • Beauty Boost: Biotin improves hair and nails! Keeps them from looking brittle or dull and provides the strength needed for longer, fuller growth.
  • Immune Boost: Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Brain Boost: Glutathione can help detoxify your body of pollutants and protect the brain from oxidative stress.

*Boost injections can be done alone or added to your IV hydration therapy.


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