Hormone Replacement For Men

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What is hormone replacement for men?

Testosterone is a males dominant hormone that controls energy, muscle mass, libido, mood, focus, sleep, and so much more.

Our men’s program optimizes your testosterone level while also monitoring your estrogen level and protecting your natural testicular function.


Increased: Energy, libido, muscle mass, Quality of sleep
Decreased: Depression & Anxiety, Fat

About Hormone Replacement

Where should my testosterone level be?

Optimal male testosterone level is 1200.  Our providers at Infinite Athlete have developed a program here to constantly keep your T levels in optimal range with no fluctuations.

Why should you never take testosterone alone?

Taking any form of testosterone down-regulates your natural production.  The result of taking testosterone alone is: testicular shrinkage, sperm reduction, failure to produce your own testosterone naturally.

Our TRT program is never just testosterone.  Our providers make it their top priority to protect your natural function.

Our TRT program is inclusive of testosterone + a medication that protects your natural production + an estrogen inhibitor!

What other therapies can a male patient do in addition to TRT?

The foremost important aspect for a male is optimizing your testosterone level.  Once your T level is on track we offer additional therapies for cutting, joint lubrication, anti-aging, and unbinding hormones.  Examples of these additional therapies include: Nandrolone Decanoate, Oxandrolone, HGH peptides.

We do not take insurance because:

Most insurances claim the range for normal T levels are 264-900. Our providers are part of the American Academy of Anti-Aging which follows the protocol of keeping levels 800-1200

Should TRT be inclusive of just testosterone?

NEVER, taking testosterone alone will shut own your natural testicular function. Along with testosterone we also provide you with a medication to protect your natural function as well as monitor estrogen levels.

Why do we use injections VS gel or pellets?

Injections guarantee a strong and accurate way to administer testosterone. T Gel Issues: 30% of people’s bodies cannot process hormone creams. Of the 70% that can – the gel/cream is weaker compared to injection. Testosterone Gel/Cream is more effective in women.

T Pellet Issues: Side effects! These pellets are put in you and stuck for months– whereas injection doses can be monitored/changed every 7 days. Pellets also have the chance of breaking inside of you.

Will I get ‘Roid Rage”?

One of the biggest myths in TRT is roid rage. The obscure behavior known as roid rage is produced from estrogen levels.

Testosterone and estrogen levels travel together. When a patient increases their testosterone, their estrogen increases.

If the estrogen gets out of control it becomes roid rage. Estrogen as well as hemoglobin is very sensitive and is always monitored by us.

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